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Badal Umrah Service

Badal Umrah Service

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I am interested! How do I enquire?

1) Checkout with this service

2) Provide your phone number, admin will contact you via WhatsApp (any enquiries will be made there in sha Allah)

3) Checkout  ≠ Payment. You do not need to make payment upon checkout, simply select the "cash upon delivery"

4) Once confirmed and payment has been made, Admin will assign a representative to perform the Badal Umrah.

5) Customer will receive updates of pictures, videos and e-certificate via Whatsapp once service has been carried out.

Badal Umrah is when someone gets an Umrah performed on his or her behalf by another person. It may be performed for another person due to an ongoing illness for which there is no hope of a cure, or because of old age , or because the person has already passed away.

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